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My story began in 1971, when I first strummed a broom and decided to be a rock star. My lifelong journey from bassist to piano technician, operatic tenor to entrepreneur, is now a movement to bring piano playing into every home in America.

Vincent Chambers - Dreamer In Residence

Founder of Apollo Piano

Yamaha Hailun Pearl River
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Join us for special events at our stores. Click below to see all upcoming events either in our store or close by at an auditorium. This is not the real text. Just to fill space.

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Explore our online brochures for our digital pianos, our videos and much more.

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Apollo Piano rents new Yamaha Acoustic, Silent, and Digital Hybrid Pianos! In addition we have a great selection of used Steinway, Kimball, Baldwin, and many other pianos for rent.

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