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Looking to upgrade an old PianoDisc player system? Check out the Prodigy!

Upgrading an older PianoDisc Player Piano system is a great way to bring Your piano to life again! PianoDisc’s Prodigy technology offers wireless operation utilizing popular tablet or smart phones, smart home systems and computers. In many cases an upgrade to Prodigy will result in having more music available, including our PianoVideo software, as well as added features such as PianoDisc Radio and PianoTube Live!

Do you have SilentDrive or SilentDriveHD already pre-installed? Then the Prodigy is the upgrade for you!

Prodigy Upgrade for SilentDrive
This upgrade is for older Legacy models that are equipped with the first generation (low resolution) SilentDrive electronics, manufactured between 1997- 2009. The heart of the Prodigy upgrade is single component which is mounted under the piano out of sight. This component, the Prodigy control box, replaces the existing control box and allows you to control your piano using virtually any smart phone, tablet, computer or other music–playing source. The control box features built in Bluetooth which makes connecting to the player system easy and fast.


Prodigy Upgrade for SilentDrive HD
This upgrade is for player systems manufactured since January 2010. These systems utilize a separate CPU, iQ control box and in most cases an external WIFI router (like an Apple Airport Express) or Bluetooth receiver. The Prodigy upgrade combines all 3 of these components into one box, thus eliminating additional wires and parts. Prodigy’s built in Bluetooth makes connecting to the player system simple and quick.

 Upgrade to the latest power supply for best reliability and performance. 


Not sure which upgrade you need? Reach out to us at (530)-924-4469 M-F 1-6pm

We offer in-home upgrade installations in the Northern California region ranging form Chico, Orland, Sacramento, Redding, San Francisco, and other parts of the Bay Area. 

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