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Hazelton Bros HB-108 Upright - Polished Ebony

Manufacturer #:IJODU0383
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Hazelton Brothers | Excellent Quality

The origin of this piano dates back to the 1800's. A financial firm named "F & H Hazelton" was created sometime in the 1840's by brothers Henry and Frederick. Shortly after, a third brother joined the firm and it became known as the "Hazelton Brothers Piano Company". Due to the increased popularity of the Upright piano rather than the outdated box shape, the Hazelton firm shifted away from older models and designed uprights and grands, hoping to revitalize the advent of convenient playing. The inclusion of early player pianos also accelerated this process. By the 1900's, the company was producing high-end player pianos and were reproducing high-end grand player pianos. This tactic succeeded, but not for long. In the mid 1920's the Great Depression had dawned, and even individuals of affluence were hard-pressed into buying pianos. The Hazelton Brothers Piano Company is one of the few companies to actually survive the Depression. 

Of all pianos created by Hazelton, the Upright was and is certainly their focus. During the apex of their success, high-end uprights were the staple of their sales marketing. The Hazelton piano company is still creating and selling today, and their contemporary uprights are still of top-tier quality. 

This model in particular was constructed in 2008, in Seoul Korea. Through this purchase you are supporting a local business as well as the art form of music in the North State! The vintage style and depth of tone, not to mention the durability, make this piano an excellent buy. 

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