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Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano (R)

Manufacturer #:GB1KPE

Yamaha GB1K | World-Renowned Entry Grand

The GB1K, Yamaha's most compact and affordable grand, is a popular choice for locations where space is somewhat limited, with full resonant tone comparable to that of many substantially larger models. Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. Embodying over 100 years of accumulated expertise, these instruments epitomize the quality, performance and value for which Yamaha has long been renowned, as we enter the second century of Yamaha grand pianos. The GB1K carries on the traditional style lines. Measuring in at 5′ long, this baby grand is considered the entry level. Make no mistake about the fact that it still embodies everything Yamaha ~ from the wheels up ~ Yamaha Quality.

Our rental program applies 100% of your first 12 month's payments towards purchase!

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Key Surfaces White: Acrylic resin, Black: Phenolic resin
Music Desk Positions 5
Lid Prop Positions 2
Lid Edge Square
Center Pedal Bass sustain
Cabinet Finishes Polished Ebony, Polished American Walnut, Polished Mahogany, French Provincial Cherry and Georgian Mahogany
Length 5' 0" (151 cm)
Width 57" (146 cm)
Height 39" (99 cm)
Weight 574 lbs. (261 kg.)






TERMS: This contract is for a minimum of 6 months after which time the customer agrees to continue to make the regularly scheduled monthly payments or return the piano in the same condition (normal wear and tear excepted) in which it was obtained and terminate this agreement. Payments will be due on the 1st of each month with a 5 day grace period. Payments received after the 5th day after the due date will incur a $ 25 late fee. By making a scheduled payment after the last month of the above term period Customer agrees to renew for the following month. It is expressly understood that this is an agreement of rent only and that RENTEE acquires no right, title or interest in or to the property described herein, other than the right to the possession and use of the same in accordance with the terms of this Rental Contract. 


DEPOSIT: Customer authorizes use of credit card or cashing of the check in the event the instrument is not returned as per this contract. Credit cards may be used for payments after the second late payment. 


MOVING: Customers are responsible to pay for round trips moving to and from their rental location. 


RETURN/TERMINATION: Customer may terminate this agreement at any time after the minimum rental payments are made by returning the piano to Apollo Piano or an authorized agent, in the same condition when which it was rented; normal wear and tear excepted. The piano will not be considered returned until it is in the possession of an authorized representative. The Customer is responsible for all rental fees and other applicable fees that accrue up to and including the date of return. All fees are due at the time the piano is returned. Apollo Piano may terminate this agreement at its option at any time without notice. Apollo Piano reserves the right to rescind this contract if the customer fails to keep any condition of this agreement including but not limited to failure to make timely monthly rental payments, misrepresentation of the facts, or any other action that may cause Apollo Piano to deem itself insecure in regards to the safety, condition, location of the piano. All rental fees and any other fees that may be owed are due upon the termination of this agreement by Apollo Piano. 


EARLY TERMINATION: In the event that the Customer elects to terminate this agreement prior to making the number of monthly payments set forth in section "terms", Apollo Piano may require Customer to pay for each month agreed to in this contract. 


WHEN FINISHED RENTING: Call Apollo Piano at 530-924-6639 or email to schedule the pick-up of the rental piano. You must give at least one-week notice before the desired pick-up date. Piano pick-up may not be possible with shorter than a 7 day notice. 


MAINTENANCE: Apollo Piano provides all mechanical maintenance except for tuning. Customers are required to have Apollo Piano or a qualified representative of the Owner tune the piano at least once per year. 


DAMAGE: Customer agrees to take proper care of the Owner's piano. This includes keeping all liquids away and off of the piano, and not depressing the keys of the piano with anything other than the player's fingers. Liquids include but are not limited to beverages, plants and aerosol cans. Piano should not be in direct sunlight, placed next to heater or air conditioning vents. Placing the piano against an inside wall is preferable to an outside wall, but is not necessary. Customers agree to use the Owner's Service Technicians when called for. Most repairs are included in your rental; however, should repairs be due to negligence, including items dropped into the piano, the Owner will charge for such repairs accordingly. 


CUSTOMER'S OBLIGATION FOR OWNER'S COSTS: After default, Customer shall reimburse Owner for all reasonable expenses of repossession and enforcement of Owner's rights and remedies, together with an interest rate of 18% per year to the date of payment on any outstanding balances. 


SEVERABILITY: If any provision of this contract or the application of any of its provisions to any party or circumstance is held invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Contract and the application of the provision to other parties or circumstances shall remain valid and in full force and effect.

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