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Tuning means much more than pitch to me. I want to exceed your expectations, and leave you with an instrument which works with you to create beautiful music. Whether your piano is a cherished family heirloom, a concert hall performance piano, or is helping mold performers of the future, you can trust Apollo Piano to provide the experience you deserve.

While piano tuning is important, it is only one component of piano service. Full-service appointments address not only pitch, but tone, touch and feel as well. This is especially important for students as they tend to compromise their technique to compensate for poorly adjusted or “regulated” pianos. 

Vincent J Chambers - Tuner/technician
Owner, Apollo Music & Arts

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Express Tuning Service

Stankard professional tuning service. Non-standard tunings, pitch corrections, and pianos requiring additional time to tune will be charged accordingly.
  • Most often performed in between full services
  • Good for most pianos (spinets, concert instruments, and some vintage pianos extra)

  • Starting at $155

Vintage Tuning Service

A tuning service for older, delicate pianos, typically over 50 years of age. 

  • Starting at $195



The standard full-service package includes our Express Tuning Service plus an additional hour of adjustments as needed.

Consider as:

  • Primary service for teaching instruments

  • Alternate service for regular users

  • As a First Time service

  •  Starting at $250



 A more in-depth version of our Prelude Service which includes a Concert Tuning Service and three hours of action adjustments (regulation) plus voicing.

Consider this service:

  • Annually for conservatory or other high use instruments

  • When your piano is between 2-4 years old

  • Every 3 years for teaching pianos

  • Every 5 years for regularly used pianos in good condition

  • Starting at $495


Concerto Service 

An all-day service similar to a factory prep on a new piano. Includes a light action cleaning, a single pass action adjustment (regulation) over the entire piano action, lyre service and adjustment, and voicing.

Great for pianos which:

  • Have never been serviced except for tuning

  • Receive a lot of play

  • As a 5-6 year service for the newer piano

  • Starting at $795




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