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Piano Moving Services
We love pianos, and we know you probably love yours too. 

As the North State’s premier piano store - carrying Yamaha, Pearl River, Roland, and more - we clean, tune, and repair pianos all day long. We also know a thing or two about delivering them in one piece. While most moves work out just fine, pianos can incur damage which is not easily detected. We do our best to make sure your piano arrives safe and sound, and if there's a little nick, don't worry! We'll take care of it free of charge. If there is any other substantial damage when moved, you won't have to worry about that either. We specialize in restoration and refurbishment and will take great care of your piano no matter what.
As a piano dealer, we’re responsible for moving millions of dollars worth of pianos every year, as well as taking care of the people who move them. We work closely with a moving company that handles all of our moves from San Diego to Washington state, as well as Nevada and Arizona. 

Daniel Lewis
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Storage Services

Don't have anywhere to put your heirloom piano? Look no further. 

Apollo Music is proud to offer warehouse space to those who are in need of professionals who know how to handle their piano and a safe space to store them. At the Apollo Piano warehouse, located on Highway 32, your piano will be safe and secure. Your piano will be handled and moved professionally, wrapped in such a way with special materials that it is completely safe from the elements, including wind and water erosion, humidity and temperature, etc... There is no safer place for your exquisite instrument than the Apollo Piano warehouse. Call to book your space today!


Storage Service

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