Additional Services

Full Regulation

A complete regulation which includes disassembly, cleaning, limited repinning, and a triple pass regulation of action, lyre, and dampers. Usually performed off-site in our shop (on-site for remote locations), which requires transporting the piano action only (not the entire piano).

  • Starting at $2200

Refresh Service

Great for older pianos which are either just purchased, inherited, or brought back into service after a long hiatus. Removing dirt, debris, and life’s treasures from previous users goes a long way towards improving playability. Includes many of the following:

  • Pitch Raising and Tuning

  • Cleaning under keys

  • Adjust ad lubricate pedals

  • Minor regulation or action adjustments to improve touch

  • Minor repairs with an emphasis on quality of playing

  • Typically $350-$750



Includes everything in our Refresh Service plus the following

  •  Bridle Straps (uprights only)
  • Hammer filing

  • Key bushings

  • Key bed felt

  • Basic regulation to get your piano back into playing shape

  • One Discovery Lesson at Apollo Academy of Music

  • $750-$1750


Refurbishing includes everything in our Rejuvenate Service plus the following as needed:

  • Complete piano cleaning including action

  • New keytops

  • New bass strings

  • Basic+ action regulation

  • Pitch raising and fine-tuning

  • Case cleaning and minor touch-up

  • A Flex 4 Pack of music lessons at Apollo Academy of Music

  • Your piano will most likely need to be transported to our shop

  • $1750-$3500

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