Additional Services

Full Regulation

A complete regulation which includes disassembly, cleaning, limited repinning, and a triple pass regulation of action, lyre, and dampers. Usually performed off-site in our shop (on-site for remote locations), which requires transporting the piano action only (not the entire piano).

  • Starting at $2200

Refresh Service

Great for older pianos which are either just purchased, inherited, or brought back into service after a long hiatus. Removing dirt, debris, and life’s treasures from previous users goes a long way towards improving playability. Includes many of the following:

  • Pitch Raising and Tuning

  • Cleaning under keys

  • Adjust and lubricate pedals

  • Minor regulation or action adjustments to improve touch

  • Minor repairs with an emphasis on quality of playing

  • Typically $350-$750



Includes everything in our Refresh Service plus the following

  •  Bridle Straps (uprights only)
  • Hammer filing

  • Key bushings

  • Key bed felt

  • Basic regulation to get your piano back into playing shape

  • One Discovery Lesson at Apollo Academy of Music

  • $750-$1750


Refurbishing includes everything in our Rejuvenate Service plus the following as needed:

  • Complete piano cleaning including action

  • New keytops

  • New bass strings

  • Basic+ action regulation

  • Pitch raising and fine-tuning

  • Case cleaning and minor touch-up

  • A Flex 4 Pack of music lessons at Apollo Academy of Music

  • Your piano will most likely need to be transported to our shop

  • $1750-$3500


We work with insurance companies and individuals to provide appraisals which are universally accepted and supported. We ensure that all parties are treated fairly, that your instrument is covered for its actual replacement value, and our appraisals are beautiful as well.

$350: Includes a tuning, inspection, and written appraisal provided in a PDF format.

$45 (additional) Printed Appraisal with signed cover letter, and Apollo Piano Folder

Disklavier, QRS and PianoDisc Service

Modern player pianos are marvels of technology and home entertainment. Recording and teaching studios also use these systems for capturing performances and on-demand playback. 

We service all systems, and have a vast knowledge of the unique challenges these instruments present. 

Service calls start at $250 for an on-site visit. Please call and speak with technician Vincent Chambers before booking an appointment. 

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